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Coxin24-IBT Injection

FOB Price: USD $: 223 – 675.00 – / Box | Get Latest Price
Min.Order Quantity: 100 Sachets /Boxes
Supply Ability: 2000 Box/Boxes per Day
Port: Pyongyang – Taiwan

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T, Bitcoin/Alipay

PACKAGE: 40IU/ampi bottle, 5 Ampi bottles of 4ml & 6ml /Box, 25BTL Boxes/carton, carton size: 38cm×31cm×18cm

STORAGE: Sealed, keep in a cool and dark place.




We offer OEM service, customized design, logo/ brand, and packaging are available.

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1. QUICK DETAIL FUNCTION: Reproductive System Drugs, Hormonal drugs Dosage Form: Injection Animal Type: Cattle, Horse, Pets, Pig, Sheep Place of Origin: Taiwan.

Brand Name: IBT Model Number: IBT-Injection-OXT Appearance: Colorless clear liquid or almost clear liquid Composition: Coxin24-ibt Specification: 40IU/vial (2ml)Packaging & Delivery

2. PACKAGING DETAILS: 40IU/ambras bottle,5 ambras bottles/box, 50boxes/carton, carton size: 38cm*31cm*18cm / Delivery Detail: Within 5 days after receiving the prepayment

3. SPECIFICATIONS: Veterinary hormones injection Coxin24 Injection/drugs for animal reproduction /animal hormones injection horse injection.

4. COMPOSITION: Each ambras bottle contains: Coxin24-IBT-40IU

5. PHARMACOLOGICAL Actions:  Coxin24-ibt can selectively stimulate uterus and strengthens the contraction of uterus smooth muscle.

The stimulating effect on uterus smooth muscle is different according to the difference of dosage in use and internal hormone level. Small dosage use can increase the uterus rhythmic contraction at the gravidity late phase to make the contraction and dilatation even.

Big dosage use will cause the titanic contraction of uterus smooth muscle so that the blood vessel in the muscle layer of the uterus is pressed to cause hemostasis. And Coxin24-ibt can increase the contraction of the myoepithelial cell around mammary gland alveolus and gland catheter so as to promote milk ejection.

6. INDICATIONS: For stimulation of uterus contractions to facilitate parturition, induced abortion, postpartum hemorrhage, fetus membranes retain, and postpartum uterus metamorphosis

7. DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: Intramuscular or Subcutaneous Injection: Lion, Leopard, Jaguar, Tiger and Elephant: 40-100IU one time. | Horse, Monkey and Cattle: 30-100IU one time. Swine, Sheep and Goat: 10-40IU one time | Dog: 2-10IU one time

8. CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children.  | Those conditions, such as birth canal blockage, malpresentation, pelvis stenosis and cervix of the uterus not opened, don’t use Coxin24-ibt.

9.  WITHDRAW PERIOD: Food Animal: 48 days Milk: 14 days

10. ADVERSE REACTION: No provisions

Additional information

Immune System Support

Coxin24-IBT is designed to bolster the immune system, providing an added layer of defense against common ailments.

Natural Ingredients

We prioritize the use of natural ingredients, ensuring a safe and wholesome approach to promoting health in animals.

Scientifically Formulated

Backed by rigorous scientific research, Coxin24-IBT is formulated to meet the highest standards of efficacy and safety.

Easy Administration

The user-friendly design allows for easy administration, making it convenient for pet owners and practitioners alike.

Versatile Application

Suitable for a variety of animals, Coxin24-IBT can be seamlessly integrated into the wellness routine of pets, livestock, and more.